Monday, March 30, 2020 - 14:30 to 17:30

IoT offers many potential benefits to consumers and organisations. Some uses of IoT include the monitoring of sensor data, CCTV feeds and controlling of smart devices remotely.

For the ease of interacting with IoT devices, web applications are used to present sensor data and control IoT devices remotely over the Internet through Application Program Interfaces (APIs).

Attendees will gain valuable insights into identifying vulnerabilities in APIs, web application and IoT devices. Furthermore, they will also get hands-on experience in exploiting these weaknesses in a vulnerable IoT ecosystem setup so as to gain unauthorised access to systems/devices, leading to the eventual compromise of the entire ecosystem.

In addition, this workshop will also discuss some of the best practices and tools that users can use to help identify such vulnerabilities.

Who Should Attend

- Software Engineers
- IoT Engineers
- Security Managers

Instructions for Attendees

- Understand and run simple commands on a Linux terminal
- Possess basic programming skills (python is preferred, but familiarity with any programming language is sufficient to execute the tasks)
- Bring along an internet-enabled laptop with VMWare or Virtualbox (VM will be provided during the class)