Lead Engineer

Jessica Kerr

Lead Engineer, Atomist

Jessica Kerr is the Lead Engineer at Atomist who develops software and shares ideas about software. In the past 20 years, she came up through C in UNIX to OO (Java, Scala, Ruby) and functional programming (Clojure, TypeScript). She gathers and shares ideas on podcasts (Greater than Code and Arrested DevOps), on her blog (blog.jessitron.com), and at conferences. Jessica was the keynote speaker in conferences such as GOTO in Denmark, YOW! in Australia, RubyConf, ElixirConf, Deliver Agile, Philly Emerging Technologies For The Enterprise (ETE), Velocity, Explore Domain-Driven Design (DDD), and more in the United States.

Jessica lives in St. Louis, Missouri where she works remotely in creating development automation platforms at Atomist (based in San Francisco). You can find her on twitter @jessitron.